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JNBY’s design is inspired by contemporary art and focuses on creating the timeless look for both men & women. JNBY stands for “Just Naturally Be Yourself”, which seeks to convey our belief in embracing independent thinking, independent expression, distinctive trends and allowing consumers to derive greater joy from their attire. Our core value is “Better Design, Better Life” and our brand persists in combining aesthetic elements like “fashion, energy, interest, frankness” together as well as focus on research and improvement of materials, involving designers’ feeling with dress experience.

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Modern, Vitality, Charming, Serenity

JNBY is a women’s clothing brand which possess an eminent reparation and high recognition, and having attracted an entourage of followers.




Modern, Textured, Thoughtful, Elegant

CROQUIS brand is devoted to gathering a following of middle-class men with style, depth, discerning tastes and lifestyle, advocating the view of living without constraints, being bold enough to try and deriving joy from attire.


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less: A Brand for “office ladies”

Simplified, Refined, Independent, Rational

The less brand represents a new generation of office ladies between the ages of 30 and 45 who are independent, rational and keen on a delicate but simple lifestyle.


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