JNBY comes from China, and is one of the brands owned by the JNBY Group. The JNBY group also owns other brands such as CROQUIS, LESS, and jnby by JNBY, targeting Men, Women, and Kids markets respectively.  JNBY operates over 700 stores around the world. Our Seattle store is the first official expansion of JNBY in the USA.

The JNBY brand was established in Hangzhou, China in 1994. JNBY aims to attract through our genuine designs. Our designs are the sources of our motivation and creativity. We believe that there are so much beauty to be found in day to day life, and JNBY is dedicated to finding that subtle elegance behind the not-so-perfect world.

SightClassic LLC is the fully authorized general distributor responsible for all JNBY brand sales and operation in USA, including an online JNBY store on Amazon.

SightClassic LLC is dedicated to promoting and marketing in USA, the unique product design inspired by the mixed elegance from East and West.




We embed comfort and style into daily experiences, offering you more apparel options. We value our apparel to be elegant yet affordable, with attention to comfort and texture to create limitless possibilities.


We stay true to our beliefs with an open mind. We live our lives to the fullest with curiosity, the willingness to explore surprises and poetic belongings in ordinary life. We aim to express these findings through our clothing, in the most organic and natural way. JNBY store style: a place to express interest and aesthetic.


JNBY: Just Naturally Be Yourself - Low-key but competitive, genuine yet optimistic, to explore the unknown endlessly, to learn and to improve with curiosity like children.

JNBY design concept: JNBY design concept: Sensation/ Intellectuality/ Curiosity.

JNBY store style: a place to express interest and aesthetic. A journey inspired by the dream of making unique and contemporary clothes.


Lin Li is the founder of JNBY and the core of JNBY’s designs. Growing up in Hangzhou, Lin Li has always dreamed of wearing her own unique designs. Her first experiment at age 12 was to draw a coat with an oversized collar, and to her surprise, her mother made the coat based on her tentative design. By the time she was in college, Lin was known for wearing eccentric clothes such as hand-me-downs from her grandmother, or men’s shirts. Her style generated interest everywhere she went. After graduating college, Lin found that it was difficult to find clothes she liked. So she decided to start making her own clothes, with a vision to design pieces that are both inspiring and contemporary, to be worn by riveting people. 20 years later, Lin is still going strong. She always says: “We experience the world with every pore, technological and natural, enclosed and open, body and apparel… ”. Most fashion design starts with a focus on general flavor. Lin Li has sought to avoid the mass market: “If some clothes sell extremely well, I will begin to worry that the clothes are not unique enough and might not carry the cutting-edge design style JNBY grew proud of”, she said. Lin Li emphasizes on using accessories to spice up clothes to create your own style. This is JNBY clothing, a fashion line with its origins in nature. JNBY clothes have a unique signature-when you wear JNBY, you will know it, and this moment will become an everlasting memory.