Clothes Are Just Clothes, Right?

When UC Berkeley Meets JNBY & Croquis...

“Each of the garments we made is a wearable art piece”

- Xiao Li, Marketing Director of JNBY USA


This March - Garb, a UC Berkeley based fashion and style blog, had an exclusive interview with JNBY in San Francisco. As a company lives by our motto, "Just Naturally Be Yourself", we would like our customer to find the minimalist and unique beauty in everyday life.


JNBY is dedicated to defining "East meets West" in apparels and transforming inspiration from daily life into exceptionally unique designs. We give equal focus to each gender with our menswear (Croquis) and womenswear (JNBY). Every look is different yet retians the common thread of modernity and fashion-forward style.


“We want our clothes to be timeless”

- Xiao Li, Marketing Director of JNBY USA


As Garb mentioned in the interview that it's difficult to label the style of our brand as a whole, as each piece is versatile enough to range from formal attire to streetwear to runway fashion. We believe fashion in an attitude and JNBY would like to capture every moment with you in every occasion. 


We appreciate students from UC Berkeley share the same passion of fashion with us. As JNBY is just getting started in the North America region, we love to expand the passion of contemporary, unique and joyful style among more of the fashion enthusiasts in the near future. 

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 More about the interview, click here: JNBY Woman and JNBY Man

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